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Right tools for a good locksmith

Like all professions that is based on human hands, locksmithing too has some necessary tools that no locksmith can work without.It is only natural that a locksmith will have his own tools which help him manipulate locks, make keys or do whatever else is necessary to upgrade your safety.

Rake pick is one of the easiest locksmithing tools for manipulation. Perhaps this is the reason that it is so popular. It is a mechanism, resembling a race, which is rapidly run over a line where the inner cylinder ends and the outer begins (shear line) and thus allow a torque wrench to open the lock.

Torque (or torsion) wrench is a tool made of steel or similar material. This tool holds the pins in the locking mechanism and allows the locksmith to apply the needed pressure and reach the shear line. Eventually, this releases the lock and allows it to be opened. It is L-shaped and locksmiths have three types: light, medium and rigid.

When he needs to re-align the pins, the locksmith will use a tool called a plug spinner. This is done in situations when the locking mechanism had been tampered with or when the locksmith himself have been working with the lock, either repairing it or maintaining it. It allows the key plug to be lifted, moved or rotated.

Slim Jim is a steel spring with a notch at the bottom. This basic tool is used to open car doors when neither a key nor a lock pick are available. The car locksmith slides it between the glass and the weather striping. The notch at the bottom can then catch the levers that operate the door and open them.

Old keys can get damaged easily and there is a potential threat that they could break inside the lock and leave parts inside the mechanism. Of course, with parts of the key or some other foreign object inside the lock can’t work. For this reason, locksmiths use a tool called “key extractor”.

If there is one locksmith tool for what could be said that it is most important in their work, it would probably be the pick lock. This is also one of the first tools that locksmiths used in their work. It applies pressure to the lock’s bottom pins and does this with force that is enough to make the upper pins jump, which causes the door to open.  For centuries, locksmiths worked with manual lock picks an lock pick guns, but now electrical lock pick guns are forcing them out of the market, because of the ease of their use as well the fact that they could apply greater pressure than manual ones and make the locksmith’s job much easier.

These were just some of the tools that locksmiths use in their work. With locks getting more complicated and sophisticated and them getting involved much more in security business, locksmiths today use even computer software and other high-tech tools.