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Right tools for a good locksmith
Like all professions that is based on human hands, locksmithing too has some necessary tools that no locksmith can work without.It is only natural that a locksmith will have his own tools which help him manipulate locks, make keys or do whatever else is necessary to upgrade your safety. Read more...

Advanced locksmithing tools for those who want to keep up with the time
Every trade requires proper tools to do it. A surgeon will need his scalpel, a painter his brush, carpenter will need his hammer, and the locksmith will need his tools. The only difference is that while some other trades need only a few tools, locksmiths use many different tools in their work  and even have several variations of the same tools for different situations.
A locksmith can buy all of his tools at the hardware store or a store that specializes in this kind of equipment. At first, he will need only the basic tools, like: plug spinner, key extractors, torsion wrenches and pick guns, but if he intends to stay long in business and attract costumers with a little deeper pockets, he will have to upgrade his equipment to some of the more technologically complex tools. Read more...

Who is the locksmith?
In short, a locksmith is a person that makes or breaks locks. However, this definition does little justice to this profession as it is much too short and does not cover even half of what the locksmiths do. It may have been true in the 19th century or before, but today locksmithing is much more than simply making locks, picking them and fixing them. Read more...

A locksmith’s profession revealed
A locksmith is someone who assembles and designs locks and keys for that locks. It is a very old profession, with the first lock being made in ancient Egypt some 4000 years ago. Ever since that lock there was an ever increasing need for the locksmith’s services.
First locksmiths used to make entire locks, including the keys, from zero. They could spend days on one and the same locks, hammering it away, forging springs, cutting screws, forging metal and doing most of the file work with their own hands. Mass production, however, made this sort of production obsolete and much easier for future locksmiths. Read more...

Locksmithing - from the first lock to today
Locksmithing is probably one of the most ancient professions known to man. The fact that the first lock was introduced 4000 years ago in Egypt clearly proves that people always had the need to protect their homes. There was just the matter of who will provide them with the means to do it. Read more...